Get The Best Prusik Cord to Make Your Outdoor Activities Safer: Products Reviews & Buying Guide

While generally for emergencies, the best prusik cord is a precious addition to any hiker’s harness. Using a simple prusik hitch, hikers can safely protect themselves from many dangers using the prusik cord when rappelling without causing high harm to your rope. Prusik cord is an affordable and lightweight way to confirm that you live to hike another day.

Prusik cords are used for making anchors. Plus, several individuals use them for applications in tree work and climbing. It’s wise to have a few of these valuable climbing utility cords in your backpack.  It is never a bad idea to pack some of these ascending utility cords with you, particularly since they typically take up very little space and are comparatively lightweight.

It is more so since they occupy very little space in your gear bag in addition to carry lightweight. You could make these beneficial accessories yourself if you distinguish how to do the work. If you don’t own the know-how, order them as pre-sewn cord and prepare for the action.

Best Prusik Cords Reviewed: Our Top 6 Picks

While several prusiks are fairly indistinguishable from each other, several minor differences could improve your general user experience. While users would never have to test out the strength rating of the product, the manufacturers must do this so that users can happily rely on it.

We have listened to client reviews concerning ease of use, sturdiness, and overall experience. After looking over the current market, we came up with the below list.

GM Climbing 8mm (5/16″) Pre-Sewn Prusik Loop Rope

It is a pre-sewn prusik loop; thus, you do not need to bother with a double fisherman’s knot. It is flexible enough to make knot tying easy, CE and UIAA licensed.

GM Climbing 8mm (5/16″) Pre-Sewn Prusik Loop Rope

GM Pre-Sewn Prusik Loop cord might look just similar to any other pre-sewn prusik loop. Yet, it is crowded with delicate features that make using it easier. For instance, the rope is supple and flexible, making it easy to bend and tie knots in – somewhat that several other prusik cords cannot do so.

The double braided exterior is engineered to last a long time. The general construction is super resilient to moisture, which is useful because a moist prusik cord does not grip closely with a dry one. The heat-shrinking tube applied over the sewing makes it significantly stronger than a tied prusik utility loop. It is reasonable, durable, and everything you might need from pre-sewn prusik loops.

Flexible in handling, supple, and easy to tie knots. Simple Whereas Powerful! You might find it great gear in 100 outdoor applications.

Where you require Bachmann knots, otherwise a French knot, an eye-to-eye prusik cord would do it fine to be a great aid for you. The ends of the loop or cord are stitched professionally by a machine with high-strength thread and strongly covered by a plastic heat wrap to warrant safety in further concern.

Double braid, braided core with braided cover, and well-elaborated rope building to make the cord super strong. This sturdy sheath provides it great abrasion resistance that warrants long-life application.

High resistance to moisture, high strength, and low stretch! The cord has all these features because of its high tenacity polyester material. One more benefit adds to its wonderful outdoor atmosphere adaption.


  • Pre-sewn loop; thus, you don’t need to bother with dual fisherman’s knots
  • Flexible sufficient to create knot tying easy
  • Braided core as well as braided cover to make it super sturdy and durable
  • CE and UIAA certified
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Water & moisture resistant


  • Pre-sewn loops could be a little less versatile than other cords

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Boaton Climbing Nylon Accessory Cord

This product is a safe and reasonable solution in the pre-sewn prusik cords grouping. The product offers peace of mind and trustworthiness. Its stitching is covered with a plastic tube (heat shrunk) for additional durability.

Boaton Climbing Nylon Accessory Cord

You might use this sturdy prusik cord for numerous applications, counting tree work, rappelling, anchor creation, or climbing.  Boaton Climbing Utility Cord was finished using a 10 mm strong polyamide cord. You could find it in two variations – 40-inch plus 24-inch.

This prusik cord was designed to reason minimal damage to the top rope and its quality pre-sewn alternatives nature. Moreover, the rope could work in both directions. It all depends on how you desire to use it.

It is a trustworthy and flexible product that prevents the hassles of making your substandard cord. By top-notch stitching, the metal grommet ends stand unparalleled.

Moreover, the product comes at a reasonable price. Though, that is normal with other pre-sewn cords too.


  • Outstanding nylon accessory cords for knotless ropes
  • Great quality stitching
  • Great for dangling bear safe bags, swings, and hammocks
  • Strong construction & lightweight
  • Good traction & wear resistance
  • Perfect for rock climbing
  • Very affordable


  • The carabiner is not included

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BlueWater Dynamic Sewn Loop Prusik Cord

This pre-sewn prusik loop from BlueWater Ropes measures 6.5mm in diameter. It is accessible in two colorways, for example, Blue and Brown.

BlueWater Dynamic Sewn Loop Prusik Cord

Bluewater Dynamic Prusik Cord comes in diverse sizes, for example, 11-inch, 20-inch, and 44-inch; the size varies depending on your choice. What is interesting about this pre-sewn prusiks cords is that it has a tensile strength of 3,200lbf, which makes it extremely strong.

Furthermore, this is an excellent prusik cord, which extends to a substantial degree dependent on how much force you apply to it. For example, at 300 lbf, it will extend by 19.4%, whereas a force of 600 lbf would cause a 29.3% elongation.

We should also state that this cord is sewn with 277 polyester thread and that the sewing work itself looks very well done.


  • Lightweight cord
  • Solid cord material, well made
  • The cord is well made to the right length
  • It can be used for rigging a pully system


  • Some customers complained about getting different sized cords

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Sterling 6mm Auto Block Cord

The Auto Block is a sewn prusik loop prepared for any rope progress capture otherwise mechanical improvement system.

Sterling 6mm Auto Block Cord

Made of sturdy Sterling 6mm accessory cords, the Autoblock (French prusik) is a 13.5″ sewn loop. It is easy to handle plus attaches well as a prusik or klemheist on cords; otherwise, there are 8mm and bigger ropes.

Useful in a diversity of situations and a reliable and comparatively low-cost piece of gear, the AutoBlock is a must-have in rigging as well as rope rescue.

Introducing a great set of sewn ropes, The Sterling Rope Auto Block is made of the best nylon accessory cords. The Auto Block (French knots) is an 11″ sewn rope and could be used for Prusik, Klemheist, or other knots. It is easy to handle, plus it grabs fine on a cord or ropes 8mm or larger.

The best cords have a long-term sheath and high MBS. These aspects make them great for prusik cords, ice threads, cordelettes, lightweight low-stretch fixing, plus hauling “tag” lines. Moreover, they can be used in non-life safety applications, for example, dog towlines, leashes, or even as attractive trim and cover.


  • Very robust and sturdy
  • Faultless for rapping
  • Great for hiking
  • The hollow cord truly grips while tension is applied


  • Too short

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ROPE Logic Ocean G Spliced Eye & Eye Prusik Cord Rope

The eye-to-eye tail is used to create what tree climbing mentors refer to as a “closed system.” This means that both ends are attached to the connector instead of one hanging loose like the traditional hitch or single-eye slit hitch tail. Additionally, the eye-to-eye tail allows for multiple hitches that can be learned and performed very smoothly.

ROPE Logic Ocean G Spliced Eye & Eye Prusik Cord Rope

Using both ends of the split tail, friction is more consistently distributed, resulting in more steady friction systematic a knot that is less binding yet grips quite firmly. The system is improved significantly while incorporating a micro pulley that fair-leads the hitch for one-handed slack tending.


  • Good color contrast works flawlessly with 11.5 – 13mm Kernmantle line
  • Great quality; 5000 cordage strength
  • It is more adjustable, plus it will grab properly 8mm rope if applied with the accurate hitch
  • Completely certified in appropriate packaging
  • Works well with climbing ropes


  • No information of warranty

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JCHL 8mm 30inch Prusik Cord

JCHL is committed to providing you with products of the finest quality as well as the best service possible, and they promise your complete satisfaction. This incredible prusik cord is one of their best products, and it has gained an incredible amount of traction among seasoned mountaineers and climbers.

JCHL 8mm 30inch Prusik Cord

The JCHL pre-sewn prusik loop is constructed of double-braided polymer rope that is 8 millimeters in diameter. It features machine sewing, which contributes to the item’s strong durability. Because of this, this outstanding prusik cord is resistant to abrasion and provides a performance that is reliable over time.

This particular prusik cord has a double braid. A braided cover sits on a braided core in this structure. The extremely sturdy nature of the cord is due to the intricate rope structure. In addition, it has excellent abrasion resistance thanks to the robust sheathing, which ensures that it will have a long life of use.

Additionally, the JCHL Prusik cord has excellent resistance against the effects of dampness. It has a relatively low stretch and a relatively high strength. The high strength polyester material is what gives this product all of these properties and qualities. These components contribute to its outstanding adaptability to the natural environment outside.

This incredible prusik cord may be handled with relative ease. Because it is pliable, this prusik rope makes it simple to tie knots in a variety of configurations. Because of this, even though it appears to be a simple cord, it is powerful enough to satisfy all of your requirements.

This prusik cord is ideal for use in rock climbing, mountaineering, canyoneering, caving, ziplining, rope rescue applications, window cleaning, arborist work, ascending the line, rappelling, handcuffs, tree climbing, and other similar activities.


  • High-quality build materials
  • Strong construction quality which is machine sewn
  • Extremely durable
  • Features resistance against abrasion
  • Has high resistance against moisture
  • Strong braided core with braided cover
  • Minimum stretching
  • Incredible strength
  • Amazingly flexible
  • High tenacity of the components
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses
  • Perfect for using in any outdoor environment


  • Not enough length for hitch climbing

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Prusik Cord

Before buying a prusik cord, it is worth knowing precisely how to use it, what it is used for. If it applies to any condition, you might find yourself while working with ropes. For instance, if you are exclusively a boulderer who never repels from the topmost route for inspection and cleaning, it might be hard to imagine using a prusik cord.

That being said, trad climbers, big wallers, sports climbers, and even window cleaners would all discover a dedicated rope for prusik loops helpful while working with ropes.

What is a Prusik Cord?

While prusik loops have been used as their induction in the 1930s, dedicated products are novel. They consist of a thin but sturdy piece of rope attached to either end, which is essential to create a prusik hitch. Usually, this was done by tying the loop ends together using a fisherman’s knot.

However, numerous reputable rock climbing apparatus builders are producing an efficient product that has been as a job sealed, typically in the form of a prusik loop. Other prusik cords have small loops, otherwise ‘eyes’ on either end, so you could join them with a carabiner.

What is a Prusik Loop?

A prusik loop is a structure you could make by tying a loop in a thin piece of robust rope to make a prusik hitch.

What is a Prusik loop used for?

A prusik loop could have many diverse functions, and not just for climbing but also kayaking, caving, canyoning, mountaineering, and even in some forms of gardening.

Karl Prusik formerly used it, subsequently the name, for ascending a rope, much similar to the modern-day rope ascenders that you could find today. They are, however, more often used for safely repelling by working as an emergency brake must you be knocked unconscious otherwise distracted by falling debris, for instance.

Prusik Cord Thickness

The maximum prusik cord is 5 – 8mm thick, though you could also use a thicker cord, particularly alongside thicker ropes. It offers less grip while using thinner ropes, so it is usually the finest for a thinner cord.

Prusik Rope Length

To make a prusik loop, you usually need between 1.2 and 1.5m of rope. It is not so much of an issue if you are purchasing a pre-sealed prusik loop.

Suppose you are tying your own. In that case, you need to confirm that you have sufficient rope to compensate for the fisherman’s knot and leaving adequate space for you to tie a prusik hitch that works efficiently.

Benefits of Prusik Cord

Do you climb with a prusik cord on your harness? If not, here are good causes why you should:

As a backup for rappelling

The most obvious cause of carrying a Prusik is using it as a ‘third hand’, otherwise backup while rappelling. While we do not believe in setting hard and fast rules, for example, you must always rappel with a Prusik, we consider giving yourself the alternative an outstanding idea.

When tandem rappelling in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, wherever you must tandem rappel with your partner, having a Prusik backup is precious. Most rappel devices are designed to control the descent of a one-person load safely. The additional weight of a second person on that device could be difficult, if not very risky, to handle without some form of backup.

For assistance in ascending a rope

Carrying a Prusik provides one the capability to ascend a rope easily would they need to. Rappelling past an anchor in the dark plus floundering on the end of the rope till a rescue attains is an embarrassing/risky state that nobody requires to experience.

For use in self-rescue scenarios

Prusiks are the basis of almost all self-rescue methods. Whether you are just adding some mechanical benefit to aid your partner get over a crux-y sequence otherwise completely escaping the belay to start a more involved partner rescue, having a committed Prusik will ease the procedure.

To Tie a Prusik Hitch

If your cord is not already in a loop, you could tie the ends together using a double fisherman’s knot.


The Prusik