Titan Fitness Battle Rope Review: The Best Battle Rope to Build Your Core Strength

The use of combat ropes can be an excellent approach to get a full-body exercise. Battle ropes are nothing more than thick, lengthy, and heavy ropes—but because they’re so hefty, even dragging them around will cause you to break a sweat.

Battle ropes can be used in a myriad of ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness and stamina, as well as to build, condition, strengthen, and tone muscle from head to toe. Picking the appropriate battle rope might be tricky, especially if you’ve not used them much or bought your own before. There are so many great brands, sizes, and materials to choose from that it might be overwhelming.

Today, we will explore one of the most popular battle ropes among fitness enthusiasts- the Titan Fitness Battle Rope. You can mold your entire body executing slams, throws, jacks, waves, and pulls with this battle rope. With its comfortable grips and tightly braided structure, this heavy-duty rope can even be hooked up in the rafters and used to work out or climb.



Titan Brands got its start by creating a well-deserved reputation on the principle of ensuring that each consumer is completely delighted with their purchase that they will want to convey the word to their friends and family through word of mouth. It is their greatest pride to provide a fully-featured, in-house customer experience from beginning to end.

Their Titan Fitness Battle Rope is one of the most durable ropes available on the market today. You should choose this rope to administer unending hardship and have durable grips that won’t slip or break during your workout. It’s ideal for when you’re doing cardio or high-intensity interval training with these ropes. If you are searching for a low-cost rope that will not cost a fortune, this is a fantastic option.

Let’s dive into the details.



Battle ropes were little more than a long rope when they first emerged on the scene. The quality of ropes has improved greatly since the days of manila. In the modern world, battle ropes can be made from a variety of materials. When it comes to battle ropes, everyone is hunting for the strongest options. However, the rope’s composition is the most important component in determining its durability.

You may find a wide selection of battle ropes on the market, manufactured of a variety of different materials. Poly Dacron (a synthetic fiber) and manila (natural) are two of the most common, but there are other types as well.

The Titan Fitness Battle Rope is made of a robust poly Dacron blend. Due to its Dacron component, poly Dacron synthetic battle ropes feature a robust outer braid that is resistant to abrasion. While maintaining the core’s modest weight, the polypropylene component adds extra reinforcement. Both the weight and expense of the ropes are reduced by this method.

Compared to other heavy rope materials, this poly Dacron rope has a major advantage in its ability to resist shedding. Abrasion, on the other hand, causes it to tear with time.

Once they’re out of the package, these poly Dacron ropes will be quite stiff. A few sessions of “loosening” are expected. After a few workout sessions, you should be able to move the rope with ease.


Titan Fitness Battle Rope




Battle ropes are available in various lengths, ranging from as short as 10ft to as long as 100ft in length. The conventional rule is to purchase the longest rope that your available space will allow.

Battle ropes that are longer are typically heavier and more difficult to use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a battle rope that is shorter and lighter in weight. Shorter ropes are less flexible, but they allow for more maneuverability in confined locations.

Titan Fitness Battle Ropes are available in three different lengths: 30, 40, and 50 feet.

If you’re still not sure which length to choose, we recommend the 50-foot option. It is not necessary that the longer rope will make the workout more difficult, but it will undoubtedly make your movements more fluid.

When attached, the Titan Fitness Battle Rope’s 50-foot length will provide you with 25 feet of rope in each of your hands. Additionally, you will need to provide an additional 5′ of room for exercising. As a result, a minimum of 30 feet of open area is necessary for this battle rope.



Generally speaking, battle ropes are available in a variety of thicknesses, and this should be taken into account when browsing around. The diameter of the rope impacts the type of training you get. The thicker the battle rope, the heavier and more difficult it is to work with.

Titan Fitness Battle Ropes are available in two diameters: 1.5 inches and 2 inches.

Regardless of gender or fitness level, almost everyone should choose the 1. 5-inch option, which we recommend. For those looking for high-intensity, cardio-blasting sessions, this length will allow you to go strong while maintaining a firm grip, and it will fit nicely into a circuit training session.

For those who want to build muscle and are willing to put in the effort for a routine that feels more like strength training than wind sprints, the 2″ variant is for you. Titan Fitness Battle Ropes with a diameter of 2 inches are 33 percent heavier than those with a diameter of 1.5 inches. Instead of the endurance workout that traditional battle ropes provide, the 2-inch battle ropes offer a more intense strength workout.

Choosing a 2-inch battle rope should only be attempted if you are up for the effort and have already demonstrated proficiency with a regular-thickness rope.


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Battle ropes are intended to provide you with cardiovascular exercise. The weight of a battle rope varies depending on its length and diameter. The greater the weight of your rope, the more difficult the workout will be.

When it comes to cardio and aerobics exercise, a lightweight rope is generally preferable to a heavy rope because it allows for quicker and more intensive workouts.

Titan Fitness Battle Ropes are available in five different weights: 18 pounds, 23 pounds, 29 pounds, 39 pounds, and 50 pounds.



Even though battle ropes are not intended to remain in pristine condition after years of use, they should still be capable of withstanding some wear and tear.

The Titan Fitness Battle Rope is a three-strand-thick exercise rope is made of a robust poly Dacron blend. It has the ability to prevent breaking and fraying. This heavy-duty training rope can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it provides dependable, long-lasting performance, allowing you to stay focused on your workout at all times.



The ends of most of the battle ropes are equipped with handles. In addition to making the rope more comfortable and simpler to grip, it also prevents the rope from unraveling over time.

With the Titan Fitness Battle Rope, you can prevent blisters and calluses from developing on your palms. They have long, ergonomic grips that make it easy to maintain a strong grip while working out. These high-quality handles will also not come loose, allowing them to be long-lasting and stable.



It’s safe to say that the Titan Fitness Battle Rope is a long-lasting battle rope that won’t need to be replaced for some time. It’s available in a wide range of sizes. For the protection and a strong grasp, the rope incorporates rubber handles long enough to fit even the largest hands.

Although the rope lacks a protective sleeve, the manufacturer says it is both weather and water-resistant. Please remember that the anchor is not included, so you’ll either have to use a heavy object you have or purchase an anchor.

Please check out our comprehensive buying guide to learn more about other fantastic battle ropes and how to choose the ideal rope for your workout sessions.


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