YOUNG MARINE Premium Review

Anchor ropes are very important gears for all boaters and boat enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter what sized boat you have; you will need anchor lines. Anchor lines are used to keep your boat safe and secure on the deck. There are a few features that are more common on the best anchor ropes and not in others.

There are so many options on the market, and the features are the only scale you can use to ascertain that the rope is good as an anchor rope.

One of the best anchor ropes in the market today is the YOUNG MARINE Premium. It comes with the best features that are necessary for the best anchor ropes. We will look into the features in some depth.


What we like

There are many things that are on the YOUNG MARINE Premium anchor rope that add to the quality of the anchor rope. We have divided the article into two segments. Here we will discuss the best features.


Rope Type

The rope type of anchor rope is important for the longevity and functionality of an anchor rope. The rope type is decided by the way the ropes are woven. There are the braided and the laid ropes. There are double-braided ropes as well.

Laid ropes have more flexibility and have a lower price tag. Braided ropes are harder to splice and are more durable.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium is a braided rope. The solid braid of the rope makes it very durable. A solid braided rope has higher break strengths because of the way it is woven.



There are many types of material for anchor rope as well. The material adds to the flexibility and durability.

There are nylon ropes with higher strength, abrasion resistance, and elasticity. These ropes do not rot easily. But these ropes come with a higher price tag.

There are polypropylene ropes with less stretch. But the price of the polypropylene ropes is lesser than nylon.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium is made with multi-filament polypropylene. This makes the rope more durable than simple and ordinary polypropylene ropes.

The material adds to the durability, longevity, and functionality of the rope as an anchor rope. While we have mentioned that polypropylene ropes are less durable and flexible, the multi-filament polypropylene is very durable. It is perfect for smaller boats.



You need to make sure that the rope you are getting is durable. Because the anchor line is exposed to water, maybe even saltwater, sunlight, UV light, and so on, you need to make sure that your rope can withstand all these issues.

Durability is a big factor in anchor rope purchase. The YOUNG MARINE Premium rope is very durable and can withstand saltwater, sunlight, UV light, oil, and other common conditions in boating.

You can get the YOUNG MARINE Premium anchor rope for yourself.


YOUNG MARINE Premium Review



Breaking Strength

The rope’s breaking strength is very important. Higher breaking strength means the rope can withstand more force and pressure. You need to make sure that the rope that you buy can withstand the pressure.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium comes with a breaking strength of 1565 pounds. This means the anchor rope is perfect for smaller to medium boats. You can get the anchor rope for your small pleasure vessel!



The rope’s diameter is important. It adds to the rope’s strength and durability. But that also depends on your boat size.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium ropes have a diameter of ⅜ inches, which is almost 10 mm. It is very close to the ideal diameter range of an anchor rope for bigger boats as well.



The rope’s length is a serious factor that you need to take into account. The length makes sure that you can get the most protection out of the anchor rope.

Although it is dependent on the diameter and the length of the rope, usually, the size of the rope should be 1.5 to 2 times the length of your boat.

You can get the YOUNG MARINE Premium in sizes of 100 feet and 150 feet. This covers most boats in length.


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UV Resistance

UV light can be very detrimental to the durability of the rope. Leave any rope outside to see the damage that UV light can cause on the ropes, which is why you need to get a rope that can resist the UV damages. This is even more important for anchor ropes because of the added strain of water, pollution, oil spillage, and other marine issues; you need a rope that can resist these conditions.

Polypropylene can withstand some of the issues here. But the YOUNG MARINE Premium comes made with multi-filament polypropylene ropes. So, it can withstand UV light damage, salt water, oil, and other common issues in marine conditions.

You can buy the YOUNG MARINE Premium without worrying about the UV light damage.



If the anchor rope comes with an installed thimble that can be used without splicing. This makes the attaching of the anchor rope without any special preparation or damaging the factory condition of the rope.

YOUNG MARINE Premium comes with a thimble that does that for you. This thimble is made with high-quality stainless steel. The thimble is corrosion resistant, and the durability is unquestionably high.



The anchor rope needs to be floatable. This makes the retention of the rope easier.

Anchor lines need to be floatable for that reason. Floatable anchor ropes are easier to spot.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium is floatable. The material of the rope is multi-filament polypropylene. This is a lightweight anchor rope. The floatability of the Young Marine makes it easier to retain and easy to spot.

The YOUNG MARINE Premium floats on the water, exposing it to salt water, oil, and moss minimum. This keeps the rope functional for a longer life span.



The weight of the YOUNG MARINE Premium ropes is very low. This adds to the floatability and the durability of the anchor rope.

YOUNG MARINE Premium floats in the water because of the material of construction. The multi filament polypropylene makes it light too. It comes very handy when you are storing the rope. The light weight also helps with drawing the rope back by yourself.



One of the major considerations that come into play when you are buying an anchor rope. It is so common that people opt for cheaper and lower-quality ropes because of the price. But that is a mistake because you end up buying several anchor ropes instead of buying an expensive rope that will last longer.

However, the YOUNG MARINE Premium rope is very affordable for you. It is strong, durable, and very premium but comes at a lower price point.


What we don’t like

We didn’t like the fact that this anchor rope is only for smaller boats. Which it is. You can get the best service out of this anchor rope if your boat is 16 feet or smaller.

Such a premium rope should not be limited to smaller boats. Everyone should get a chance to use this anchor rope on their boat.



The YOUNG MARINE Premium anchor rope is very affordable and very premium. With all the best qualities and features that make it the most functional rope in the market, it naturally is the best choice for you. The only downside, we think, is that it is limited in the boat sizes.

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